Does Your Dog Need a Temperament Test Before a Stay in a Pet Resort?


If you've decided to book your dog into a pet resort to give it a more luxurious stay while you're on holiday, then you may be offered a temperament test when you book. What is a temperament test and does your dog need one?

What Is a Temperament Test?

Some pet resorts offer dog owners a temperament test before their pet moves in for their stay.  These tests usually start with a chat with you about your dog's personality and behaviour; you may have to fill out a questionnaire as well.

Your dog will then usually go off on its own with one of the resort's carers. The carer will assess how well your dog copes with being separated from you and how well it relates to them as a new person.

After spending some time with your dog, the carer will introduce it to one or more other dogs for a short monitored play session. They then assess how your dog interacts socially. Is it comfortable around other dogs? Does it prefer some dog breeds or personality types to others? Will it play and share?

At the end of the test, the resort has gained an insight into your dog's personality and behaviour. This information will be useful during your dog's stay at the resort.

Does Your Dog Need a Temperament Test?

Some dog owners are comfortable skipping a formal temperament test. They're confident that their dog will settle in well anyway. Or, their dog may be used to staying in kennels or resorts without them.

However. this kind of test is useful if your dog has never stayed away from you before or if this is its first time in this resort. It can also help if you want your dog to share a room or kennel or if you want it to participate in group social activities.

For example, you may prefer your pet to share a room at the resort. You think it will be happier with company. A temperament test helps resort staff match your dog up with roommates. They use this test to put dogs together who are likely to bond quickly.

The test also tells the resort if your dog needs extra help. If your pet is shy around new dogs, then they can make sure that they keep a close eye on it when it is in social situations and give it reassurance until it settles down.

To find out more about how temperament tests work and what they involve, talk to resort staff.  


5 March 2019

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