What to Know about Planning for Horse Cremation


As a pet owner, you know when your pet may be reaching their final days. This could be due to age or to severe illness. One of the steps you may want to take is to plan your pet's cremation. This is especially true for larger animals, such as horses. If you are considering starting the planning process for your horse cremation services, here are some things that you need to know.

26 December 2018

How to Make Sure That Your Four-Legged Friend Is Okay When You Jet off to the Sun


Have some members of your family got four legs instead of two? If so, you will probably go out of your way to make sure that they are integrated into all your family activities. Your daily schedule will ensure that they are well cared for, and always pampered and loved. Ordinarily, you'll want to take each and every member of your family away on an annual family holiday, but while the kids are always welcome, your dog may not be.

16 December 2018